Inspirational Pictures

Whenever I find or take a picture I find inspirational, it will be posted here… Along with a plot summary or really short one-shot that the picture inspired.  Do you have any pictures you find inspiring or think I would find inspiring?  Post it in the comments!


Winter by the ocean

This picture was taken off our back porch last winter.  Beautiful, no?  Reminds me of a real-life scene from ‘Frozen’, especially with the little patch of ice all the way to the left.


Fire:Water Fists

This is a cool image.  If you look closely, you can see that the hands have strips of cloth wrapped around them like boxers.  Maybe people who have this gift are seen as good sport, and the different elementals are forced to fight each other to the death.Fire:Water hands 2

This is not my image, nor is the one above it.

And there is a forbidden love between a fire elemental and a water elemental…. Guys, I think I found my next major plot!



This is not my image.

This one holds an element of mystery, one I very much enjoy and am intrigued by.  It looks like a fairy’s home, or perhaps even a troll of some sort.

Sharks in the woods

I do not own this image

Okay, so, first off, this is a freaky prompt.  I mean, I get when I’m out on the water and hear about a shark miles away at one of the nearby islands, I’m constantly checking the water around me and double-checking to make sure me and my crew don’t end up in the water.  Now this is telling us to imagine they are in the forest, and we’re in the depths of it… *Shudder*


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