Hey guys!

I understand that I have not updated in a while.  I’ve been fairly busy and I have started a draft that’s actually about writing, but I have not finished.  Hopefully I’ll have it up soon.

Anyway, I am going to ask you to click here:

I have posted very little of my own original fiction on this blog.  What I have posted has mostly consisted of little snippets of text that I pretty much just made up on the spot while writing the post.  However, if you’re curious to read more of what I can do and would like to contribute, you can become a patron and get to request an awesome one-shot which I will write for you based on the information you give me.

I will also begin editing and completing my most recent novel, a futuristic novel about cyborg fights titled The Fight in the Fighters, and posting it for my patrons to see on Patreon.  However, since it is not yet completed, you have a chance to jump in and even become or create a minor character in the story.

Like I said before, I’m really hoping to put out another blog post here soon.  Maybe over the next week?  We’ll see.  Please take a look at my Patreon page and consider becoming a patron!

This is The Raven, off in search of Inspiration (and patrons ;p).



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