Strengths and Weaknesses

As I mentioned in my last post, a friend of mine and I are doing monthly challenges.  This month was her choice again (last month my choice was to rewrite separately something the two of us collaborated on a long time ago).  We each created a playlist of 31 songs and gave it to to the other, so every day we have to write a short story based off of the song for the day.  Of course I thought this would be easy and fun.  It started off as both of those, but very quickly we both got stuck.  She gave me some songs I knew and liked, and some songs I hadn’t heard before and liked, and some songs I hadn’t heard before and wasn’t so sure I liked.  Those are the hardest.

I also discovered I did not enjoy the short-story writing.  And this isn’t even a legit short-story, more of an extremely short one-shot.  When I write a short story, I feel the need to provide a little bit of background for each character and come up with some sort of mini plot.  I do not think I enjoy that much work for a less-than-1,000-words story.  I have written tons of short paragraphs where I don’t give much background, and just portray a snippet from the characters life, and I like those.  I only  do those in my notebook, though, where I can take my time writing it out and I feel more like I’m crafting something.  But it seems as though I’m way more into novel-writing.

When I write a novel that I want to take a long time and that I want to be really long, I’m perfectly fine with filling in blanks, spending time on my characters, and fleshing out my story as a whole because I know it will make for a better, longer novel.  When I write short stories, I know it has to be short, so I find myself desperately working through it like a chore so I can get onto the next one.  They aren’t good, and not a lot of fun for me.

It’s good practice, though.  It gives me ideas, and forces me to brainstorm.  I won’t post anything I’ve written as of now, since I don’t really like anything I’ve written.  I might in a few days, though, if something comes up that I do really like (two posts in one week, almost too much to hope for, I know).

Anyway, I’m two songs behind as of right now.  My friend seems to have given me several songs about dying, but they’re not really depressing songs, like one she gave me was “If I Die Young,” by The Band Perry, which I have no idea what I’m going to do with.

This is The Raven, off in search of Inspiration.



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