Writing About Real Life Vs. Writing About Fantasy

I’m not going to lie; I’m much more of a fantasy/futuristic/adventure writer than anything.  Something about the whole new universe and situation that I get to control is much more appealing and inspiring for me.  There have been a few different times that I have tried to write a story about real life, and I’m always tempted to bend the rules of the world to fit my story.  I just haven’t managed to come up with a good plot line for the real world (that also may be because I have never actually made myself plan out anything).  I do have one story that I do actually like, which is based on real life, but also set a few years into the future.  Nothing insanely different, just enough for me to alter some things to my liking.  However, the plot line itself is not one that would happen in real life.  I can’t seem to write a story about a normal person during modern times and make it interesting enough to be a good book.  I’ve always found that when I try to write something about modern people in modern times with modern situations, it ends up quite boring and slow.  I don’t like slow.

So now I am going to make myself work on a modern book.  About teens.  It’s going to be hard.

Like I said, I’ve started several books set in modern times.  Not a single one is finished, but I do have every intention of eventually finishing them.  I just have no idea when.  This actually applies to most documents on my laptop.  I seriously do intend upon finishing them, though.  The problem is that I get excited for my newest idea, start it, don’t get farther than a couple pages, and set it aside for later.  Repeat continuously.

But I don’t want to stop doing this!  I don’t want to force myself to stop my creative juices from flowing just because I have a ridiculous number of unfinished ideas.  Writing produces writing, and I’m not going to stop.

But now I’ve gotten off topic.  I’ve discussed my struggles with writing about real life, now lets move on to writing about anything else.

Right now I’m really into writing futuristic (along with the rest of the world).  But not really futuristic like hovercraft, personal jet packs, moving sidewalks, robot maids type of futuristic.  I prefer exploring different end-of-civilization plots.  The future of the earth isn’t a straight line, only advancements of technology, there are wars, famines, and plenty of other factors that can be mixed differently for a million different end results.  The stories where there’s something that shouldn’t have happened, where the government finally fell, or maybe where the government grew way too powerful for everyone’s good.  Then there’s that one person who bent the rules, snuck around the limits, created something worth writing a story about.  Those are the stories I like to write.

One day I’ll finish all those stories.  The books stores will have more futuristic novels than they’ll know what to do with!

This is The Raven, off in search of Inspiration.

However, I am



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