A Stab at Simple Poetry

Poetry is not exactly something I enjoy immensely.  I can read two or three little humorous poems before I’m done.  I can’t stand long, drawn out poems, no matter how good the imagery is.  Sure, I love description, I even pride myself in it from time to time.  I just can’t stand it in poetry form.  Long lines of nothing but description, metaphors, and similes tends to get real old real fast.  But I do like short sweet little poems like this one called I Asked a Little Boy Who Cannot See by an Anonymous:

I asked the little boy who cannot see,
“And what is color like?”
“Why, green,” said he,
“Is like the rustle when the wind blows through
The forest; running water, that is blue
And red is like a trumpet sound; and pink
Is like the smell of roses; and I think
That purple must be like a thunderstorm;
And yellow is like something soft and warm;
And white is a pleasant stillness when you lie
And dream.”

That one is short, sweet, and pleasantly descriptive without being tiresome or overwhelming.

I also enjoy the humorous poems, especially ones by Shel Silverstein.

But I think just about everybody loves Shel Silverstein, so nothing unexpected there. 🙂

For writing class this past week, we were told to write a two-word poem based off of an actual event we’ve experienced. We were also instructed to write a Psalm of praise to the Lord.  I don’t do a lot of poetry, but I did get a good grade.  However, I decided I would post both the two-word poem and the Psalm of praise here.  I cannot promise you anything astounding, but here it is anyway.  First, though, I will post the paragraph I wrote to help me with the poem.

We were sailing on the water, my partner and I, that is.  We were in a 420 sailing boat, I was crew, he was skipper.  We were heeling into the wind, almost capsizing into the water.  We were both hiked out over the water as far as we could.  I was looking ahead, laughing.  Suddenly, I heard a yell and a splash behind me, and the boat instantly righted itself.  Confused, I turned around, only to see that the boat was empty aside from myself.  Grabbing the tiller, which I was almost completely useless with at the time, I peered across the water until I finally spotted my skipper in the water many boat lengths behind me.  He was laughing hysterically.  I joined in, trying to keep clear of other boats passing me.  Being a relatively new sailor, I was confused as to how the wind worked with the boat, and foolishly began moving the tiller rapidly back and forth in an attempt to keep the bow pointed into the wind.  I later realized I was only forcing the boat farther away from my skipper.  My skipper eventually grew impatient, since he had to swim the whole way to the boat, and insistently yelled at me to “Stop sculling!”.  I eventually got the message when our coach joined in, though she explained it much better and I was able to understand her instructions.  My skipper climbed in five minutes later, dripping wet (without my help) and a few seconds later, we were off again!

Not the best, I realize, but I’ve never excelled at writing from my own experiences.  Now for the poem:

Sailing by The Raven

Sailing, fun
Boat, 420
Partner, me
Skipper, he
Crew, Me
Heeling high
Almost capsizing!
Looking ahead
Both Laughing
Blowing wind
Shining sun
Beautiful day
Such fun
Suddenly, splash!
The boat
Goes flat
Turn around
Boat empty!
Just me
Skipper there
Floating somewhere
Lunge forwards
Grab tiller
Quite clueless
Don’t crash!
Both laughing
Skipper swimming
Towards me
Jerk tiller
This way
And that
Boats passing
I’m safe!
Impatient Skipper
“Stop sculling!”
He cries
“What’s that?”
Says I
Not understanding
Boat moving
Farther away
Skipper can’t
Reach me!
Coach yells
“Don’t move
The tiller!”
I stop
Skipper comes
Climbs in
By himself
Soaking wet
Grabs tiller
Pulls sail
Off again!

Remember, this is my first try at something like this.

Alright, next is the Psalm.  I personally think the two-word poem is better than the Psalm, but my teacher gave me higher marks for it than the poem, so maybe it’s just my writer’s insecurities coming out. 🙂

I will lift up my face towards Your glory
Your love envelops me like gentle arms
Your creation surrounds me, perfect and beautiful
A symbol of your love.
I will sing your praises forever
And if I ever stray into the darkness,
May your love bring me back to the light
For whatever I do, and whatever I say, and whatever I think,
And whoever may tempt me,
I know that you will never cast me from your side
For I am no one’s,
Except yours.

Anyway, that’s my first real stab at poetry.  More will come, since we are devoting the next couple weeks to different types of poetry, so if you liked this, be on the look out for more!

This is The Raven, off in search of Inspiration.



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