7 Sentences to Shock and Intrigue You

First impressions are important.  Technically, I think that either the title or the cover are the actual first impressions, but right after that is the first line of the book.  If you haven't reeled in the reader by the first line, then there's a strong chance you've lost them.  If you're lucky, they'll give you … Continue reading 7 Sentences to Shock and Intrigue You


The Most Daunting of Edits

Last October, while looking for inspiration for the upcoming NaNoWriMo, I stumbled across a piece of writing advice that made me rethink my whole editing process. It told me to rewrite my whole book.  From scratch.  On a blank page.  Word for word. I had never done that before.  The closest I have gotten was … Continue reading The Most Daunting of Edits